Plan for today: set Neha…

Plan for today: set Neha to working for the day (mostly on adding new Kriti panelists, whee!); do half an hour of weeding, shower and dress, Skype conference at 10, spend an hour catching up on e-mail and/or drafting article on rug stenciling for xoJane, phone conference at 12 (re: Smithsonian exhibit at UIC for Kriti Festival, whee!), write from 12:30 - 2:30, pick up some small groceries, pick up kids, popcorn and a basement movie with Anand (who skinned his knee on the way in to preschool this morning and had to be promised a bribe in order to get him to stay), feed everyone dinner, walk up to knitting group for a few hours with Kat if Kevin is willing to watch our kids, put the kids to bed, collapse. It's a full day, but with lots of relaxing bits in it. :-)

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