Watching four kids this…

Watching four kids this morning; Kev and Kat and I decided to split the day so we'd each get some stretches to work. Also, they like playdates. So far: got them to straighten up a bit, art + puzzles + watching shows while I actually wrote 500 words (amazing!), made pancakes and bacon + fresh mango, but distracted enough doing so that I missed that there was howling in the playroom (Anand bit Kavya because she wouldn't let him put his dirty clothes in the laundry chute apparently, WHAT??) which woke up Kevin so that he had to go up and deal with it, damn. Now they're eating and watching a show, and I'm going to watch a show and knit. If it weren't for the biting and the waking-up-Kevin part, I'd be giving myself a score of 10/10 for babysitting triumph. As it is, I'm afraid I only deserve a 3 or 4. Sigh.

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