Took NyQuil to sleep, so…

Took NyQuil to sleep, so woke up well-rested but groggy. Still sneezing. Took kids to camp/preschool. Spaced out for an hour or two; not sure what happened in there -- maybe Facebook? Oh, and knitting. Oh, and I wrote 800 words on novel, whee! Then weeded for an hour.

Came back in at 10:55 to prep for lunch meeting at noon, only to be reminded by guest's arrival that we'd change lunch meeting 11, oops. Set guests to chopping chives from the garden and frying samosas, took quick shower. Came down, somewhat frazzled, made rice and heated curries, thankful that we had leftovers from the other day. Good thing I didn't plan on actually cooking much. Had productive Kriti meeting with Jaya, Madhurima, Neha, Kat, in which much was reviewed / planned. Now my to-do list is even longer.

Have spaced out again with a cup of tea and slice of lemon cake (thanks, Neha). Now a bit more knitting, then read stories for tonight's writing workshop, then get Kavya from camp, then maybe write some more? Or do Kriti stuff. And that's the day.

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