My garden budget is…

My garden budget is running very low, and mostly is being saved for necessary things like mulch and replacement hoses, rather than new plants. But we had this big empty bed where half of the new path runs, and the hellstrip is still very sparse, so I did pick up a few things the other day, an almost orgasmic pleasure. :-) The veronica (speedwell) was doing so well in the front bed, I thought I'd try some here, in pink and glowing white; latter is named Icicle.

Summer beauty allium is one of my favorites, long-lasting, long-blooming, a treasure in the garden if you don't mind the oniony scent -- the two plants I have already aren't blooming yet (soon!) but the nursery plants are going nicely, and look happy in the hellstrip.

I've planted very few annuals (see budget), but did pick up a bit of annual vinca; I'm hoping it will a) spread, and b) come back from seed next year. This one is just opening. Annual vincas botanical name, Catharanthus roseus, means rose-tinted, immaculate flower. Isn't that pretty?

And last is white bellflower, a hopefully-reliable, glowing white bloomer. I may at some point pick up some blue balloon flower to pair it with, but this will do for now. Today, mulch! And more weeding. Always, more weeding.

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