Yesterday somehow almost…

Yesterday somehow almost did me in -- Kat came by with her kids to spend the holiday, which was generally great for the kids, but all adults were underslept and cranky and barely survived the overlong day. All the cute photos from yesterday are true enough, so far as they go, but they DON'T tell the whole story!

I've been harried enough with work since returning from CT that Kevin and I have been barely seeing each other, and we'd gotten into one of those unpleasant sequences when we're both cranky and resentful about various small things that end up feeling huge and were slowly simmering a bit; we finally we talked at like, midnight last night, and we're all better now, with plans to really, seriously, institute some kind of weekly couple time -- just a couple of hours once a week, ideally not at the end of the day when I'm exhausted (since I tend to get up between 4-5 a.m., waiting 'til after the kids go to bed makes for a very tired Mary Anne). We're thinking lunch and hangout afterwards until the kids get home at 3; as academics, we ought to be able to make that work most weeks. We'll see.

Today's plan: rest, watch Voyager, knit, hang with family. Okay, I admit, I'll straighten up a little, I'll likely write for 1-2 hrs, and I might answer an e-mail or two. But mostly, rest. Now I have to go say hi to my little guy, though -- he just came down, quite plaintive, saying that Kavya ONLY wanted to watch Sofia the First (her new princess show). We'd asked them to let us sleep this morning. Given that Anand usually gets up at 5:30 - 6:00 and heads straight for me, leaving me be until 8:30 was very kind of him. But there are only so many princess shows an almost five year old should be asked to watch!

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