Ellie wanders the garden…

Ellie wanders the garden (this is the most floriferous bit; it doesn't all look like this -- but it should). I like this pink veronica / pale purple sea holly / purple salvia combo, even if it's all growing into each other a bit willy-nilly. Okay, so the tea mug in the tree is a bit ridiculous, but I had to put Ellie on her yard leash stake (she likes to hang out in the front yard while I garden, and this way, she can't quite make it to the sidewalk), and I had to put my tea *somewhere*, and that redbud tree was just so convenient Pink climbing shrub rose that really is in too shady a spot; someday, I will move it, and it will have more than 2-3 blooms at a time. First new lily -- a bit more yellow-cream than I'd hoped for the front yard, but I do like it. I'll leave it there for a bit, see if I get accustomed. It may be one of those flowers that whitens after a while, like my Mt. Hood daffodils.

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