It is oddly chilly this…

It is oddly chilly this morning -- 58 and I am wearing a sweater and socks. Still lovely weeding weather, and given that I have a metric ton of weeding to do (it feels like quite literally), I will soon be out and up to my armpits in it. No new flowers in the garden today, but here's a little selection of what I picked yesterday and brought inside.

A last, late columbine -- I'm really happy with this variety, so old-fashioned and delicate. Bright lantana blossoms in their multicolored glory are adorable in teeny tiny vases.

I tried that trick I found yesterday, where you a) take water out with you to put the cut hydrangea blossom in, and then b) bring it in and cut it to size, and then c) put it in boiling hot water for 30 seconds, before d) plopping it in its final vase, and it seems to have worked -- the stem didn't stick itself up, and the cut Annabelle flower is doing beautifully today. Am curious to see how long it lasts.

Pink monarda / bee balm is a terrific cut flower -- I cut these a few days ago, and they still look great, especially paired with Sat Ya's vibrant painting. The last is a random little wildflower -- I bought a packet of seeds and scattered them in the kids' garden last year; most of them did nothing, but there are a few of these spotted around. Anyone know what it is?

I do love being able to go out in my garden and gather flowers for the house; I still have to be a little careful to leave enough so the outdoor display isn't lessened -- I'm hopeful that in a few more years, I'll have enough of an exuberance of blossoms that I can harvest with impunity. When arranging, I'm inordinately fond of interesting, solidly made, preferably hand-blown glass vases. They sell a nice selection at Crate and Barrel, and about once a year, I pick one or two up; I've now collected a lovely set. I like plain glass most of the time, the better to see the flowers in. Though I do have a pair of hand-made blue ceramic vases that Jed gave me that I also love. Takes special flowers to look their best in those. Plain glass is more forgiving.

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