Blues and greens and…

Blues and greens and purples and pinks -- yes, I am predictable. But I do like them. Forty-five minutes of weeding this morning in PERFECT weeding weather was incredibly satisfying (also good squats exercise) -- I did about a fifth of the front yard. If I do that every morning for five days, I'll actually be weeded. The front, at least. We'll see how it goes. Is it a reasonable goal to get the whole yard weeded before I leave town again on July 20th? We'll see.

Morning tea with wood sorrel -- I'm not sure whether I'm going to pull out the wood sorrel -- it's totally overshadowing all the thyme I planted in that path, and I'd like the thyme to keep growing. Take the sorrel out, or leave it? It's pretty right now, certainly. Hydrangea. Pink veronica spikes look awesomely sculptural next to the starbursts of sea holly. (Not thistle, yes, I know it's confusing.) And from a certain angle the pink astilbe look like little fireworks; I love how they look in this pic with the blue bench fuzzy in the back (and almost completely buried in weeds, oops).

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