I am a bit groggy from…

I am a bit groggy from lack of sleep, but I have SO MUCH to get done today. Jaggery's issue #3 launch (whee!), draft service and teaching statements for promotion review (ugh!), try to write some of Flight chapter two (whee! (and did you notice the new working title?)), revise and post WisCon Chronicles Call for Subs (a little anxious about getting the wording right, so that part is a bit ugh, but posting it will be fun, so also whee).

There is more, of course, but that's the stuff that's urgent. I am drinking tea, and in a minute will be heating up one Chinese beef roll and one chicken patty for breakfast, with thanks to my aunties who made them and to my mom who insisted I take some home with me. And then I will try to take some inspiration from Anand in the airport -- go, go, go!

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