I’ve started playing…

I've started playing piano again, a little, this summer, now that I have more time. Futzing with Satie's Gymnopedie, and I wanted to have a listen to someone else playing it, so I looked it up on YouTube. It delights me that the comments veered off into a Star Trek: Next Gen discussion:

Calisto: "star trek next gen, piccard calmly listening to this in private"

Kun Tewk: "Was that after the Borg assimilation incident episode and his rescue and recovery. I question the Fleets wisdom in letting Picard resume command as, in my opinion, Picard was riding that fine edge of sanity/insanity at that point. I mean that kind of trauma isn't cured with a simple visit to one's visit to one's cantankerous brother in French wine country. Quite frankly Picard should have been retired from command and given some scientific endeavor to pursue."

Oh, internet. I love you.

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  1. I like that classical music is sci-fi to the mind is not distinct-ed. “He She and It”,the writer has a sensual hand and classical in writing sci-fi.

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