I know you desperately…

I know you desperately care about the updates on my cold, so here you go. Day #5 or #6 -- I've lost track. Am doing much better; I still have a hacking cough, but it no longer feels like knives stabbing my throat. My head is mostly clear, and I can work on the computer for a full hour or two before the pounding headache returns. I can do a load of dishes or laundry and then actually choose whether I need to fall over or can do, perhaps, one more small physical task, which is a distinct improvement from yesterday. So clearly, mending, if not entirely well.

Tomorrow I take the kids to CT for a five-day visit with my parents, leaving Kevin here to in theory get some work done in peace. It seemed like a fine idea at the time, but as Kevin said last night, I always think I'm going to fine with leaving him until the last minute when I wonder what in the world I was thinking. I wish he were coming with, and if last-minute airfares weren't so outrageous, I would drag him along. Ah well.

So today, I try to a) rest, but also b) finish ALL THE THINGS. Get hostas in the ground, mow the lawn, do the last load of laundry, pack, finish reading _Code Name Verity_, finish reading Kriti submissions and send responses (deadline isn't 'til June 30th, but no need to keep people in suspense), answer all the urgent e-mails, ship out any remaining Stars Change copies, write the next chapter of the novel (after my agent sends his edit notes).

See, that's not so much, right? Totally do-able. Let me just take a little nap first

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