Too sick to work. (Just…

Too sick to work. (Just a cold, but an annoying one.) Too much tv / screen time makes my head hurt. Good time to read, but the stack of war books I have for research is very grim and I can't quite face them yet. Thankfully, I also have a book Tim Pratt bought for me (somewhat randomly, after I let him and River crash here after they were stranded at O'Hare in bad weather), _Code Name Verity_, a YA novel about a spy girl during WW II. Even though it starts with lots of torture, it has such a light, sardonic voice that it is not nearly as depressing as one might expect. Thanks, Tim! It is the perfect way to ease into my war reading.

(Will my protagonist end up a spy? Quite possibly, at least for a bit. Although probably not in book one. In book one, she is mostly trying to survive. And possibly deal with suddenly being married. Gosh, it is weird trying to plot out a multi-book series. Weird, but fascinating.)

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