Pink astilbe (from Toni)…

Pink astilbe (from Toni) just starting to bloom. Flowering thyme on the garden path mixed with clover -- shall I pull out the clover or leave it? Haven't decided yet. The first hydrangea is in full bloom, native Annabelle. Asiatic dayflower -- a bit of a weed, but the flowers are pretty, so I let it go in areas where I haven't figured out what I want to plant yet.

I wish I knew the names of my hostas; ah well. This one has lovely big white blooms, over gorgeous big blue-green leaves. Not sure what the next one is -- a poppy, perhaps? It will be clearer when it opens; there's just the one. The hydrangea is a new one -- I think it's Let's Dance? Either that or Cityline Mars, but I think the former. The clematis is so happy on the garden gate.

I think both of the first two are types of veronica? I'm not sure; they're rather different in the details, but have a similar overall appearance. Pink monarda is happy -- I'd still like to get some of the native blue variety, but I haven't seen it in nurseries around here. The sea holly is finally picking up its blue color. What a gorgeous shape it has, and it makes a great cut flower too, though be careful you don't poke yourself cutting it!

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  1. The three leafed plant in the second picture is not clover. It is what we called sourgrass when I was a child. I do not know what it’s proper name is. It has a delicious sour flavour, nothing at all like clover. When I was a child, we ate it whenever we could find it. A little of it is wonderful in a salad, or just by itself as a refreshing pause.

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