Day 3 of the cold. On…

Day 3 of the cold. On the one hand, I am feeling marginally less terrible than I did on Day 2. Which was, I hope, the worst day. I have not yet taken DayQuil, but I can still think a little, which is a marked contrast to yesterday. (But only a little.) I accomplished almost nothing yesterday -- I drowsed much of the day and read Finder, and then in the evening, lounged about while friends filmed a very sekrit project in my dining room. I did manage to feed them, but basically by reheating restaurant leftovers, which doesn't really count. And then I collapsed.

Today, I am clearly still sick enough that I should just lounge some more, and there is nothing I have to get done today. But I have just calculated for the Clarion Write-a-Thon that I need to write 1600 words / day from now until the end of the summer if I hope to have 100,000 words drafted on my new novel before the semester starts. Also, there are a few hostas that REALLY should get into the ground today. And the weeds are encroaching. I'm going to go eat breakfast, make another cup of tea, read another volume of Finder, take some DayQuil, and then think about whether I am up to either writing or gardening. Probably not.

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