It’s thunderstorming…

It's thunderstorming now, which the garden sorely needs, but a few days ago it was sunny, and I set up an expandable willow trellis. Normally, you grow plants on these, and I have a larger one that I hope to use for beans or sweet peas or some such at some point. But this one is for playing, and while I could've tried to grow flowers on it, it would have taken a long time (and incidentally, made it not portable). Heather Ross, in her memoir, talked about building this sort of thing out of twigs and twine, and then decorating it with fake flowers -- normally, I am anti fake flowers, but in this particular instance, I think she's right. They are lovely for children to play with, and allow Kavi to arrange and rearrange the flowers as she desires. She's requested a blanket to go inside, and I may drape some fabric over the top at some point, to make it more of a shady spot. But overall, charming. :-)

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