Call for Papers: South…

Call for Papers: South Asian and Diaspora Arts and Culture
DesiLit Kriti Festival, University of Illinois at Chicago, 9/25  9/28, 2014

DesiLit seeks original academic papers focusing on the place and space of South Asian literature and culture in the United States and in the American academe. This is our inaugural year for academic papers and we are casting a wide net and would like to see the range of work being produced. We are open to various topics and approaches. Suggested panels might include essays focusing on individual authors or titles, body issues, diaspora, gender roles, class, transnationalism, postcolonialism, South Asian Studies literary theory, or migration. Graduate students are encouraged to apply.

While the festival covers Thurs 9/25 - Sun 9/28, academic presentations will primarily take place on Friday, 9/26.

Please send questions and proposals (approximately 500 words) to

Deadline: July 15, 2014

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