Okay, forty-five minutes…

Okay, forty-five minutes this morning of weeding and clearing the way (once the sun came up!), and I think I'm almost ready to lay the stones for the new path. Have to actually go buy the stones, of course; will wait for Arlo to arrive, so he can help with the heavy lifting. Dug up one meadow sage that was buried under the John Cabot rose to pass to Toni to try in her yard. I love the neighborliness of gardening. She has promised me astilbe and love-in-the-mist. :-)

In the middle of the night, two bright pink circles appeared on my sidewalk -- I think those are marking gas lines, and may mean the Village is finally going to take out the ash tree (infected with emerald ash borer) in front of my house. Sad to see it go, but am trying to look on the literal bright side -- a lot more sun into my yard for the next ten years or so, until the new tree they install is of proper size, so a lot more flowers for a while.

This rose (Christopher Marlowe) is placed to take advantage of additional sun. On the other side of the yard, Brookside blue geraniums are blooming strongly; I'm planning to add more in the hellstrip, but should probably wait to plant anything there until after they dig up that tree. Hope they grind out the root!

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