Half an hour of weeding…

Half an hour of weeding done -- I'm itchy and sweaty, but the front bed is half done. Arlo is digging up the more tenacious grasses and burdock, while I pull out all the little 'uns. Another half hour or so, and I think it'll be ready for mulching. Mmmmulch. Have to actually go buy the mulch, of course.

Trying to think what would be good to put in to distract from the dying tulip / daffodil leaves. The bleeding hearts did nicely for a bit, but the small new ones are mostly done, I think (my one big one is still hanging on with some lovely blooms). The hostas are coming up, and the Jacob's ladder has pretty little blue flowers, but aside from my one giant blue-ish host, they're mostly not dramatic enough to really distract from the big yellowing tulip leaves. There are some dahlias starting, but it's going to be a while.

What's blooming now, that would be good to add in there? Part-shade, so I don't want to move a rose over -- it just won't do well.

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