I’m home for two days…

I'm home for two days and SO much urgent work to do. Despite sleeping eight hours, I'm still exhausted -- traveling really takes it out of you. I'm going to make tea, throw on some clothes, and go visit my garden -- I'm hoping that a little time taking photos will rejuvenate me. By 7, I think I need to turn off Facebook and settle down for some serious work.

Main goals for today: sort out receipt issues with work (sigh), draft keynote speech (and hopefully get final form to conference by Thursday for transcription folks), finish revisions to creative portfolio for promotion package, figure out who still hasn't received their copies of The Stars Change and get them their books, book flight to CT for me and kids to visit my parents at end of June, draft Kriti festival history, set up Kriti festival registration, post Jaggery staff needs (Jed, if you can send me the webmaster call, that would be helpful), finalize academic call and post.

But first, tea.

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