It has been an intense…

It has been an intense day. First, and most importantly, my friend Jay Lake passed away from cancer this morning. We knew it was coming, but still, always a shock and a grief. I haven't had time to process it yet -- I'll probably write more about him tomorrow. My Facebook feed is full of tributes -- he will be so missed.

The rest of the day was actually very good, but also very busy. I walked down from my sister's place and spent two hours at Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner's, then Ellen walked me over to meet Sheila Williams for a two hour lunch, then Sheila put me in a cab to meet.well, I'm going to be discreet about exactly whom for the moment, but we'll just say a promising business opportunity, and then two hours later, I met my friend Shmuel Ross for Indian food and a ramble through Central Park.

Amusingly enough, I think I spent about two hours at each stop. Not so amusing is the fact that I would have gladly kept talking to any or all of those people, for hours more -- but time is limited, always. When you are with the best people, there is never enough time. We just have to cherish and live fully in the moments we have.

I suppose that will do as a first thought for Jay as well.

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