Am very excited because…

Am very excited because I have finally actually drawn, printed, and sewn a piece of clothing. Look -- it's my Tamil luna moth scarf! I drew the moth, added the Tamil word for moon, 'nilavu,' printed it at Spoonflower (1 yards (54" x 36"), half-drop repeat 220 dpi), cut it in half width-wise, and sewn it into a scarf. When I come back from my trip, I'll sew the other one, and then I will have two! I think I may add a bit of dark green trim to the ends of one, perhaps with yarn bobbles or braid.

Alternately, I could have sewn the two lengths together to make it really long, given it a twist, and sewn it closed as an infinity scarf. But I think this actually came out as a quite charming summer-weight scarf, and I am very very happy with it. Spoonflower isn't cheap ($21.60 + shipping to print a yard in the cotton voile I used), but if you can get two scarves out of it, that's not bad! Also, pretty damn unique. :-)

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