My sister and her…

My sister and her husband arrive for a ten-day visit in the morning. Kevin has two weeks to prep for giving a series of major lectures at a conference, and has had the last two weeks swallowed up with an unexpected and stressful work crisis. I fly out in the morning (after just returning from five days at WisCon on Monday) for the Bi Book Awards and the Lambda Awards in New York, returning Tuesday; in that time, I have various professional and social meetings scheduled, along with the two award ceremonies. On Friday, I fly to Minneapolis to give a keynote speech and panel at the BECAUSE bisexuality conference. And Anand has a fever and just threw up. Awesome. Posting this update not to gross you out, but just in case anyone was looking at all my recent garden photos and book reviews and thinking my life was entirely calm. :-) Now I have to go pack.

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