Look — a peony is…

Look -- a peony is opening, finally! And there are strange greens in the vegetable garden that I am pretty sure are edible salad greens that I planted last year and which have come back on their own in profusion, although I'm afraid to eat them in case I'm wrong and they're poison, can I get a confirmation, please? The lilac is new, and only about knee-high, but adorably pink (James Macfarlane Lilac). The star-shaped pods are on a small grassy plant that volunteered here last year -- some Illinois native, and I think I tracked down the name last year, but now I've forgotten it again. Hopefully I wrote it down. I love it -- they look like tiny green explosions.

I realize no one else is as fascinated with my garden as I am -- thank you for enduring all the garden photos. Documenting helps me learn and remember. My garden is actually not that big (about 50' x 80', about .1 acre, if I'm doing the math right, which I'm probably not), with lots of paths and other things cutting through it), but it is nonetheless somewhat overwhelming, trying to keep track of everything in there.

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