In summer, it’s often…

In summer, it's often too warm to garden much during the day. I like to get up early, around 5-ish, and do a bit before the day proper begins; it's very peaceful, especially when you're chopping things off. Pruning is one of my favorite things -- it's a little addictive.

This morning I was taking some lower branches off the redbud, pictured here with three of its last little pink flowers. Most of the lower branches hadn't leafed out, and they were a bit unsightly. They might have eventually become be-leaved if I had just left them alone, but I think it won't hurt them to be trimmed a bit for aesthetics -- I took out a lot of crossing branches and the like as well, leaving strong longer stems. I think it will be good; fingers crossed.

I was going to chop up the branches into smaller bits to bag and send off for village composting, but then I realized the children might like them to build nests and such with -- I think I'm just going to drag them to the backyard for now and see what they do with them. Hopefully not poke an eye out.

I have to point out yesterday's major accomplishment -- assembling a potting bench. It took about half an hour and went fairly smoothly, with a bit of help for holding things in place and screwing things in when my hand got tired. Solid fir wood -- it was nice working with the lovely scent of new wood. And for about $150, I think it's going to be incredibly helpful -- please picture most of those tools strewn somewhat haphazardly on the floor of my porch. Or don't picture it -- I'm a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to get them organized.

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