Here are four more…

Here are four more volunteers. Now that I've gotten rid of the grass in the hellstrip, tiny mushrooms (about as big as my thumbnail) are popping up. I'm guessing not edible? But still cute as buttons. Cuter, even. Possibly Japanese parasol mushrooms.

This tiny white wildflower, white campion, has an intriguing striped-ball pod behind it that I find utterly charming. "In England, white campion is sometime called Grave Flower or Flower of the Dead because it often grows in graveyards."

The Bishop's weed is running along my fence and is quite lovely, in a quiet sort of way.

"Nepeta Glechoma (Benth.). Alehoof. Gill-go-over-the-Ground. Haymaids. Tun-hoof. Hedgemaids. Lizzy-run-up-the-Hedge. Gill-go-by-the-Hedge. Catsfoot. Robin-run-in-the-Hedge."

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