Just as a…

Just as a generously-endowed woman might appreciate a good bra, a generously-endowed flower sometimes shows off to best advantage with a little discreet assistance. A peony doesn't *need* support, but sometimes, it might want some.

I got these last year (sorry, can't remember where I found them, but there are lots of plant supports out there), and I put them, somewhat awkwardly, around my fully-grown peonies. It kind of worked.

But this year is the real triumph. I left them out in the winter, where they collected a delicate tracery of snow and looked lovely, also reminding me where the peonies were planted, so I didn't plant anything else there by mistake. And now, the peonies that I cut back last fall have grown back beautifully into the supports. Sometime in the next few days, I expect a glorious explosion.

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