Two days ’til WisCon….

Two days 'til WisCon. I'm sorry to say that due to my poor planning, we'll have a very limited number of copies of The Stars Change at Friday night's Lamba-finalist-celebratory party. (I think about 10.) So if you definitely want a copy signed at WisCon, you might want to buy it in advance and bring it with you. Amazon has a few left in stock, it looks like. Of course, Kindle and audiobook editions are easy to buy immediately, but I can't sign those.

I'm going to Devon tomorrow to pick up samosas from Tahoora for the party. I'm not sure if I can reheat them anywhere at the con, but room temperature samosas are still delicious, in my experience. I think 100 will be sufficient. Will also get Indian sweets. Nom nom.

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