Pre-birthday-party activity of the day. The lack of sleep meant that I was crankier than usual for the cutting-out, but luckily, Kat was around to help when the kids starting arguing about whose turn it was to cut out a cookie. I really have amazingly limited patience for dealing with the vagaries of children when I'm tired. I am an 8 hours of sleep girl -- 2.5 is seriously insufficient.

On the plus side, I already had all the cutters for a Frozen party, between the 5th birthday princess party and Christmas snowflakes. And we now have a lot of cookies ready to ice tomorrow. I have long ago learned my lesson and do not even attempt to decorate on the same day as cutting and baking -- that way lies madness, or at least exhaustion on my part.

It's all about taking things in reasonable stages. But here's the question -- I had planned to start sewing Kavi's costume today. Do I dare attempt it, or am I tired enough to completely mis-cut the fabric, making it unusable, or to sew my own finger to the sewing machine in the process?

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