Off to pack up for my…

Off to pack up for my two (!) readings tonight. One Lambda finalist reading, one smutty reading. I'll be selling books too -- will bring an assortment. Cash or check -- I don't know what happened to my Square. It's here somewhere, sigh. Details:

1) Sulzer library, 4455 N. Lincoln, 6:30 p.m.

2) Heartland Cafe, 7000 N. Glenwood, 10 p.m. (note: I'll be going on around 11 p.m.)

Late night for me!!! If anyone's coming, I'm thinking I'll grab something to eat at the Heartland before the reading, around 9-ish? I'll head over there whenever the Sulzer reading ends. Let me know if you want to have dinner and help keep me awake.

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