It’s the season of the…

It's the season of the ground covers -- I only have a few, and large bare patches of mulch, and one of my garden goals this year is to get more groundcover in. I have been lazy about it, but the two patches I have, of chocolate ajuga and sweet woodruff, are ridiculously pretty right now. I'm wondering whether I can slice off a big chunk of the sweet woodruff and just transplant it to the bare bed nearby. The other star in the garden right now is the old-fashioned bleeding heart -- they're just stunning. And there's a quiet beauty to the little Jacob's ladders -- this one is up against a tree, and seems so happy. I just need to go get the new plugs of periwinkle (aka vinca minor) into the ground. My parents have a mass of them under the trees in the backyard, and they're just lovely.

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  1. Yes, you can just transplant a big cluster of sweet woodruff to another location. Transfer it with as much dirt as you can and water well. It will be fine.

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