Writing day today,…

Writing day today, starting @ 9. Various people are coming by, both writing friends like Dan and Julie, and students of mine from last semester. I'm going to send back final edits on the Salon essay, do clean-up revisions of "Communion" and send it out (I think to Neil/Sean at Clarkesworld), and then go back to my Wild Cards origin story that I'm hoping to send to Tor.com.

There are three book projects this summer -- the SF novel that picks up from the end of The Stars Change (featuring the characters from "Jump Space") to draft, the crafting mystery ditto, and the memoir to revise. But I need to go do some paperwork on campus tomorrow, so my semester isn't quite finished yet. I think I'm going to wait until next week to dive into books; I'm going to try to finish up short pieces this week. So there's the plan.

Turning off Facebook, but may keep a G+ chat window open so Jed can virtually join me for writing day. Look for me there if you want to write with us this morning. Onward.

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