I’ve ordered a…

I've ordered a Spoonflower fabric sample pack (only $1, thanks to whomever pointed that out), and once I have it, plan to buy six yards of star-forming region fabric. Space sari, step one!

I've also bought a yard of silk faile in my own design, a pale yellow moon moth, with the Tamil word for moon, "nilavu." I'm hoping to sew it into a scarf or two; I might wear them to WisCon. (I'd sell them in the art show, but I didn't actually reserve a spot this year -- winter was so hectic, I didn't think I'd have time to make much before the con this time around, and I don't have much old inventory left.)

The design came out lighter than I intended; I'd like to do more sketching and fabric design, but I have a lot to learn about color, design, etc. A nice project for the summer, in between the writing. I'm also itching a bit to get back to knitting, after such a hectic winter/spring that I didn't get much done, but knitting is hot in the summer. Sewing in the cool basement while binge-watching Leverage sounds like a better plan. :-)

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