The internet was down…

The internet was down all morning, and I had lost my voice (due to this endless cold), so I took the opportunity to a) rest, b) read Nicola Griffith's _Hild_), and c) garden. Put in some bleeding heart, Jack Frost brunnera, and ground cover (ajuga, periwinkle, thyme, in various separated spots), and received many compliments from passing neighbors, which is always nice. This is the week my garden looks its best, so it's nice to be out to enjoy the neighbors' reactions.

The internet is back now, but I think I'm going to continue with my abc plan for another hour -- then lunch at a friend's, then a stop at Target to buy hose fittings and some stuff for my sister, then d) e-mail, e) cooking, and f) grading. I've promised to cook a variety of curries for the CDYR event tomorrow -- Roshani and Samanthi are cooking some too, and they're ordering samosas and the like, so it should be rather a splendid dinner. Looking forward.

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