Some samples of…

Some samples of yesterday's labors -- it was getting too dark when I finished for photos. I love multi-color flowers like the columbine; lovely. They're flanking the toad house, which doesn't currently have any toads, but you never know. Build it, and they will come? :-) The cinnamon and Queen of Siam basils seem happy this morning, and our summer Thai curries will be happier still. The azalea appears to have survived, even though the children somehow managed to lop a major branch off, sigh. And hey, anyone know what that last plant is? It's not something I planted this year, and it could just be a weed, but I think maybe it's a raspberry plant I put in last year? If you can tell from the leaves, it would be very helpful!

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  1. The last photo looks very much like raspberry leaves. Similar in many ways to strawberry leaves, but pointier.

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