I am really liking…

I am really liking having gazillion daffodils in our backyard -- thanks again to Kevin for helping me dig the big trench last fall. It's a pretty splendidly wild mix of daffodils, and yesterday I told Kat she should cut some to take back to her place, and this morning, Samanthi stopped by to drop off a book for Kavi and I made her stay for pancake brunch and sent her home with a big bundle of daffodils, and then this afternoon we went to a housewarming for a schoolfriend of Kavi's, so we took along some daffodils (which she carefully cut herself) + wine. And there are still gazillion daffodils out there. I think I planted about a hundred? I am now wondering if I can coax Kevin into helping me plant another hundred next fall. And then, there will be enough daffodils for all!

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