It took me a bit longer…

It took me a bit longer than anticipated, but I did finally make my way to campus and have settled in on the 2nd floor. Productive already -- have revised the Diverse Worlds grants calls, and am hoping to announce them later today. A creative writing student of mine has been working nearby, which feels quite companionable and is helping to keep me honest.

Chai next, and then I'm going to try to write a poem. We'll see how it goes. My goal for this poem-a-day project in May is to not stress too much about writing 'good' poetry -- just write and send it out into the world. Less ego, more playfulness and joy in writing.

Natalie Goldberg once set up a booth at a county fair and wrote poems for a $1 each for people on whatever topic they asked for -- she'd write the poem, hand it to them, and off they went. Sounds lovely -- we should do that at WisCon, actually. I'd be very happy to staff a poetry booth at the Gathering, maybe fundraising for the SLF? Hmm.

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