The tulips have just…

The tulips have just come out, marking the start of my favorite week in the garden. There's a path of white Thalia daffodils leading up to the house -- I'm thinking this year I'll add a similar path on the other side of the yard, with more Thalia. Their white glow lights up the yard, and they're starting to naturalize. More, please.

Flanking the path as it turns into the side yard are Ollioules tulips, which I'm very fond of -- they've come up reliably for three years now, since I first planted them, even though tulips aren't supposed to be reliable that way.

The little side yard is starting to come along too -- I've taken out most of the roses that were struggling there for lack of sun, and replaced them with boxwood and little hydrangeas (which will hopefully grow). I tried some Rhapsody in Blue bulb mix, and I really like it -- more for next year, I think. Also, I should perhaps clean up that path a bit, for a less muddy effect.

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