Quick hypothyroid note…

Quick hypothyroid note (Hashimoto's thyroiditis) for those interested: my doctor thought I was over-medicated at 150, and dropped me down to 125. I felt awful after a few months of that -- mostly cold and crashing in the evenings, plus noticeably weight gain. She wanted to drop me further, because she thought it was still too high. I argued with her, but she was pretty steadfast, citing concerns with over-medication leading to osteoporosis and increased heart risk. I pushed for a referral to an endocrinologist, which she gave without any problem. Endo agreed to push me back up to 137 to hopefully relieve symptoms (which it did, hooray!), and then two months later do a full thyroid panel.

Just saw the results, and I am comfortably in the normal range at 125 (hah!), so she was wrong to want to drop me down lower. Did more bloodwork today at 137, and will see the results of that in a day or two. Endo will want to push me down further if possible (since less replacement hormone is better re: bone / heart risks). But if I'm still basically in the normal range at 137, I think he'd let me stay at that dosage if I pushed. We'll see what the bloodwork says; I'm not completely against trying 125 again, esp. now that I know he's not going to try to get me to keep dropping it. And that's more than anyone needed to know about my thyroid dosage. :-)

It's so funny -- I completely forget that I'm chronically ill, in some sense, until I have to spend a chunk of time managing this illness. It's such a mild disease, most of the time. But still -- not the same as being regularly healthy.

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