It is grey and I am…

It is grey and I am weirdly tired and I'm at home today and there is such a temptation to just futz around on the internet all day. But I am also feeling stressed out at how behind I am on e-mail and housework and reading and exercise and possibly even writing. Plan for the day: Snuggle on the couch with Anand for a bit because he asked me to; then take him to school and straighten up the first floor. Turn off Facebook from 9 - 12. Dan is coming by to write from 9 - 10, which will hopefully help me jumpstart my writing a bit. E-mail / writing for the rest of the morning, interspersed with laundry. Lunch, maybe with Roshani. Turn off Facebook again from 1 - 4. A student may be coming by to write around 2. More e-mail and prep for tomorrow's classes. Yardwork at some point -- I need to move two lilac bushes, get rid of one dead one, and move a rose. Also plant some dahlias and lilies. Okay, go.

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