Forsythia (they’re new,…

Forsythia (they're new, so had been all tied up in a bundle; they'll arch more after a bit, I think). The scilla in the backyard are a stretch of about 2' x 8' through the grass, which I love -- now I just need them to stretch to more like 40'x50'. A sea of blue in early spring. The backyard daffodils are due -- all credit to Kevin for helping me dig the trench last fall, but I think I crammed a few too many in there. At some point, I'd like to dig a wider rill through that bed and spread them out a bit. (This is The Works mixed daffodils from White Flower Farm, 100 bulbs for $60; a bargain!) We've just started getting herbs in -- some of the basic ones, a bunch of sweet basil. Need to find some Thai basil and other more interesting herbs. Soon!

I admit, I picked these strawberries because the flowers are so pretty; hopefully the berries will taste good. The fig was in a pot indoors and struggling; I've repotted it, attached it to a small trellis (so it doesn't flop so much), and experimented with underplanting, which I *think* looks nice? We'll see if we actually have time to let any figs ripen before Anand pulls them off this year; there are about eight on the plant. The Jack Frost brunnera has lovely variegated silver leaves and adorable tiny flowers; I just have one of them right now, but more will be added. Trying three poppy anemone (Poppy Fuchsia); we'll see how they do. And I cut one each from five of the hellebores to float in a bowl; it's the best way to appreciate their delicate beauty, I think.

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  1. If you shop at wholesale bulb distributors, your money will go further. I like Colorblends. Depending on the variety, they have some daffs at 250 bulbs for ~$80-90. Others are more expensive, of course. You can also buy in quantities of 1000 or more. Better pricing if you can get someone to split an order with.

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