I have confirmed that I…

I have confirmed that I do, in fact, have jury duty tomorrow. My first! Excited. Am looking over the guidelines, and am thankful to see that jurors are exempt from the court's electronic device ban. Whew. Anyone know if there's free wifi in the Rolling Meadows jury assembly room? It'd be great if I could spend a few hours churning through backlogged e-mail. But in case not, I will bring headphones and see if I can actually get some writing done. And in case that doesn't work either, I will bring books to read, electronic and otherwise.

Any other tips for a productive day of jury duty? It says to bring change for vending machines, but doesn't say to bring lunch. Do they provide lunch? How likely is it that I'll be able to get chai lattes? Yes, first world problems. I am, I repeat, excited by the opportunity to do my citizenly duty. Seriously!

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  1. If it’s like courts I’ve seen with jury duty, they give you 60 or 90 minutes for lunch. You can walk to whatever place is nearby, and they’ll have suggestions.

  2. I have served three times. In Delaware, the electronic device ban does indeed apply to jurors. So glad your jurisdiction does not do this!

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