I think I’m ready with…

I think I'm ready with my lecture notes / questions for tomorrow's observed class discussion. I've never actually had a lit class observed before, and am a bit nervous. If anyone wants to offer tips, please do. I am fretting about how to structure the class so it's not boring for the colleague observing. Usually we spend 10-15 minutes in small groups, and I find that really useful, but it can't be fun to observe. It's a 100-level Women and Lit. class, with about 20 students, 50 minutes, and we'll be discussing the first few pages of Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

I do mostly think it will be fine, though. :-)

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  1. When the class is in small groups, do you go from group to group talking with them? An observer would probably do that, without talking but with interest.

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