Day after party report…

Day after party report -- I wake to find that Kevin has done all the remaining dishes. I have found my prince charming. Plan for the morning: straighten up, moving slowly, while watching some more episodes of The Good Wife. Feed children as required: leftover scones seems like a perfectly reasonable breakfast food. There are some summer bulbs that must get into the ground today, dahlias and lilies and what not. Friends are having an open house from 11 - 4, so I think we can stumble over there at some point and let them feed us. At some point today, must prepare a stellar lesson plan for tomorrow, as I am being observed in class; it's a little unfortunate that it's a book I haven't taught before, but so be it. If anyone has some fabulous ideas on starting to teach The Handmaid's Tale, please pass them along. And that's Sunday.

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  1. Deborah Hirshfield

    Just read your bio on wikipedia, very impressed! Plan to read your work. Loved being at your warm and welcoming New Year’s party. Meanwhile, Handmaid’s Tale, one of the most indelible books I’ve read, although I did an Atwood marathon in my teens with a good friend of mine. There is a wealth of subject matter to dissect and analyze, so giving it up to student discussion might be a rewarding chunk of the lesson. Love your Easter pictures. How could it be this year’s?

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