Slept ten hours last…

Slept ten hours last night, thought I felt better, until I tried to walk up the stairs. Oof. Going to take a little longer than I'd hoped to get over this bug. But my stomach does seem to be settling down, which is something. Still not sure if Kavi's going to school today -- I think not, though -- it's probably better for her to take it easy, given that she didn't eat dinner last night. Poor girl cried because we'd ordered pizza and she loves pizza and she didn't want to miss pizza but she didn't think she could eat it. We had to promise her that as *soon* as she was feeling totally better, we would order pizza again. She also cried because she couldn't choose pants this morning, which seems like an over-tired girl who should spend most of the day watching My Little Pony videos (she's returned to an old favorite) in bed. Choosing pants is hard.

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