To-do list,…

To-do list, continued:

  • hang mirror in basement -- DONE
  • hang pegboard in pantry -- DONE
  • hang new mirror in Kavi's room -- DONE
  • hem curtains and rehang -- DONE
  • hem sweatpants -- DONE
  • clear bits of trash in front yard -- DONE
  • rake and bag too-thick leaf mulch in hellstrip -- DONE

  • revise my c.v., collect Maria's c.v., fill out application cover sheet
  • revise Kriti call for subs
  • prep for Monday classes
  • check on Hamid invite
  • add fall course descriptions / submit book orders
  • sort out discrepancies in Stars fulfillment (and poke Cecilia to set hardcover printing in motion, now that we've figured out which method we're using)
  • check voicemail

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