Oof. It’s gloriously…

Oof. It's gloriously warm out (57F), so I took Anand out to do some yard work with me. There was quite a thick layer of matted leaves on the hellstrip, and I was worried that all little bulbs wouldn't make it up through that, so I spent an hour raking the leaves up, and sure enough, there were some flattened (but still green) bulb leaves beneath. They might have made it out on their own, but I'm glad I helped them along. I have a rake with sparse tines, which is pretty good for raking up leaves without destroying little plants, if you're slow and careful.

Just doing the hellstrip filled three lawn bags, and I was wiped by the end of it and sweating -- apparently jeans and a sweatshirt were too warm for yard work today. Also, I am out of condition -- I've been doing a lot of walking on the treadmill, but yard work uses different muscles. A bit every day this week should help to bring it back nicely, though. I have teeny tiny little green bulb shoots all over the darn place, so I should have some nice rewards for my labors soon. Snowdrops are up and blooming, huzzah, and a day earlier than last year, despite the hellish winter.

Within a few days, we should be seeing crocuses and species irises emerging -- if the bunnies haven't gotten them all. And then a bit later, the hellebore will start to bloom, and the scilla and chiondoxa. I do love the very early spring plants. Must add some winter aconite next fall (just to the backyard, as I'm keeping the front in cool tones). Flowers flowers flowers!

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