I was really focused and…

I was really focused and to-do-list-y and productive yesterday, and, as you may expect, I now want nothing more than to lie like a sloth on the couch all day today. But I'm going to try to keep up the semi-productive at least, so in aid of that, to-do list:

  • make breakfast for me and sleepover children (4) -- DONE
  • organize disastrous pantry -- DONE
  • noon: BVC business meeting by Skype -- DONE
  • revise grant application budget -- DONE (because Maria's draft was perfect, and I had nothing to do, yay!))
  • pick up repaired shoes, drop off Brown Elephant donations, look for dresser for Kavi (take measurements) -- DONE
  • post aquarium stand for give-away on Mom mail (local friends, need one? Holds a 20 gallon tank -- we don't have the tank, which cracked in our move, but do have various interior accoutrements, like light, heater, etc., that you're welcome to) -- DONE
  • mail out checks to Jaggery contributors for issue #2 -- DONE

A nice mix of puttery home stuff and productive work stuff, I think. Some of it will undoubtedly spill over to Sunday. We'll see how it goes.

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