Looks like my WisCon…

Looks like my WisCon reading (with Hiromi Goto, Cecilia Tan, and Jennifer Stevenson) is scheduled for midnight on Friday. Oof. This is an endemic issue with erotica readings -- they like to schedule them late, so that the kiddies don't accidentally wander in. Which was fine when I was twenty, but considering that my normal bedtime now is 9 p.m., starting a reading three hours past my bedtime may be...challenging.

It'll be okay -- I think Cecilia and I are going to have our party right beforehand, so there'll be plenty of chatting and excitement and samosas to fuel me staying up a bit late. But I think maybe we should try to get a chai set-up for this party if possible And maybe if people are around Thursday night and want to help me try to stay awake 'til 1 a.m. or so (so I can 'train' for this), that might help.

But anyway -- yay, ‪#‎WisCon‬! Just 60 days to go!

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