Spring break for me and…

Spring break for me and the four children: so far today I have fed two children and myself breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, watched two tv shows, helped Kat build a bunk bed, cooked a hot lunch for four kids, watched another tv show, baked banana bread (only slightly burnt), made myself a salad, cooked a veggie fry for dinner, brought the kids up to the playroom, built a few block towers with them, helped Kavi straighten up the play kitchen (and ate a bunch of play food), became a puppet king demanding his breakfast, helped four children into various costumes, and supervised block clean-up. Soon I will go downstairs and straighten up the library and cook a bit more dinner. When Kat comes back to take over child duty (I told her to take the afternoon off), I may go down and sew a bit; I have some curtains that need hemming.

It's all rather lovely, but also loud and chaotic; I'm glad spring break is only a week. I couldn't keep this pace up every day. :-)

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