I am really torn right…

I am really torn right now. On the one hand, I just left a table full of really smart and interesting and nice people at the #icfa banquet, and I would be very happy to reconvene with them and oh, about 50-75 other fabulous people at the poolside bar this evening.

On the other hand, I just sneezed, I am very tired, this trip was supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating, and Kevin will not be pleased if I return totally exhausted. I am pretty sure Monday morning I am supposed to be back on mom duty bright and early, and likely for the rest of the week following so the poor man can sleep again.

I think I am actually going to take off my party clothes and crawl into bed -- apologies to anyone hoping to reconnect with me later tonight. I'm not leaving until around 4 tomorrow, so am free for breakfast, lunch, and general hanging out. I have a vague plan to go down early and try to write a story, but I can be interrupted. Unless I glare at you on your approach, in which case it's probably best to back away slowly. :-)

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